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Bess – VESS concrete Equipment manufactures from their factory in Trabzon-Turkey , a range of brick, block and paver machine to meet the needs of small to large investors especially for the South African Market. Our range of paver machine are designed and build to the needs of the African Continent.

Our paver machine is fully PLC controlled for accurate running, product selection and is fully automated.

Cell-load aggregate weigh batching for the paver machine ensures accurate product mixing.

Paver machine plants are for the business looking for a high production plant requiring accurate product quality and have the technical qualified staff to operate and maintain the plant.

Vibration of the paver machine is done via a powerful hydraulic power pack for excellent product compaction.

Different mould sizes are available for the paver machine.

Cell-load aggregate weigh batching is optional and can be added to the paver machine, at a later stage to suite your budget.

Paver machine ranges of brick and block machines are designed for Africa and the robust requirements of  South African Market.

The two ranges are available in single or double plant configurations as semi-automated or fully automated paver machine plants to enhance production and for labour savings.

The simple and semi automatic paver machine ranges are ideally suited for the serious business looking for a medium to high production plant with a limited budget.

The paver machine range is available in small hand operated block paver machine , moveable layer paver machine and electric vibrated stationary paver machine.

Various mould sizes are available for the paver machine to suite your product and market needs.

All the machines in the paver machine range are movable between sites, reducing the set up costs and limitations for South African Market.

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