Heavy Construction In Ethiopia

Heavy Construction in Ethiopia                                         21 November 2015


We as Beysanmak manufacturer and exporter company of concrete block making machines and concrete batching plants in Trabzon – Turkey ,following the developments in African Continent especially in Ethiopa at this time, our contacts in Ethiopa telling us that Ethiopia’s infrastructure spending, is the highest in Africa. The Ethiopian government rightfully makes the delivery of infrastructural services, such as transport and energy, a focus of its development plan. Absent the government’s current and continued focus on infrastructure, and the development story.

Construction sectors, including cement and steel, are the ancillary beneficiaries of this infrastructure build. The national building  lottery is undergoing an expansion.  As you drive out of Addis Ababa, you pass newly built affordable government housing or private housing developments,  both promptly filling up after the final touches are added. Pass through Bole and expect to encounter changing roadways, as one road finishes construction and another undergoes it. I don’t know which road is open today, says my customer in Ethiopia.

It is not just the government. All the buildings under construction in Addis are also a clear indication that those with are investing in property in Addis.

My customers are saying to me that, walking around Addis is like walking through a major construction site which means we can sale more concrete block machines in the near future to the biggest country in Africa.


Prices of cement, which is very importent to produce concrete blocks, remain high in Ethiopia and in Kenya and Tanzania, both of whom are potential export countries of Beysanmak company. Transportation and logistics still frustrate us, but such frustrations are eased by the government’s focus on transport, especially the rail corridor between Addis Ababa and the Port of Djibouti. Importing certain materials has confounded the industry, but the Ethiopian government expedites access to foreign currency for those exporting in these industries, considering all these developments we will keep our company policy to export our machines to this beautiful country in the African Continent.

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Block Making Machine for Nigeria

Block making machine in nigeria       17.11.2015


Blocks making is considered an ancient art. Blocks stood the test of time and are still being used in modern building construction.The same creation that some were even considered as the wonders of the world.  Pyramids of Egypt were built with mud bricks  because at that time they did’nt have block making machine in nigeria.

There are different types materials to use in block making machine in nigeria. On the other hand today we use sand for the concrete block making machine in nigeria, also cement and gravel for block making machine in nigeria. Today is very easy to produce concrete blocks with block making machine in nigeria.

Block making machine in nigeria line starts with mixing sand, water and cement. Sand is important so you can remove the brick from the block making machine in nigeria mold. Mixture is pressed into block making machine in nigeria moulds or you can shape it through  die and then cut up in sizes you desire with block making machine in nigeria.

Blocks are now refined with technology and concrete block making machine in nigeria are available to produce them in mass quantity in less time. You can purchase yourself with block making machine in nigeria that can produce  3,500- 20.000 blocks a day.

Beysanmak block making machine in nigeria are built to high standard using excellent grade materials from European suppliers wide to ensure maximum durability. Our experienced team of concrete block making machine in nigeria  providing efficient equipment to you, the customers, which requires minimal maintenance for maximum production.

Our company Beysanmak  brings you the most affordable block making machine in Nigeria plant solutions. We supply  quality block making machine in Nigeria equipment with suitable prices. For more information please visit our web site http://www.beysanmak.com

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Unrest Over Project Delays In South Africa

 Unrest over project delays in South Africa


South Africa’s consulting engineers  says that the government must make  economic decisions about South Africans infrastructure development or face possible further unrest over service delivery.

The warning comes as severe project delays  new power stations, which along with violent strikes, underline the poor state of the civil engineering industry in South Africa.

The consulting engineer says in its latest biannual economic and capacity survey of the industry released on Monday, 4 May, that the level of satisfaction among engineering firms in 2014.

The crisis is the weakest level since the 1998 financial crisis. There was a notable shift in the opinions expressed by larger firms in this survey.

The consulting engineer said it had come to a point where the government also had to make hard economic decisions instead of political decisions when it came to South Africans infrastructure needs.

We as Beysanmak, manufacturing and exporting of concrete hollow block, interlocking paving block, curbstone machines and concrete batching-mixing plants company, located in Trabzon – Turkey, following all the news globally in the construction sector. For more about our machinery please visit our website http://www.beysanmak.com

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Moroccan- African Partnership

We as Beysanmak manufacturer and exporter of concrete block making machines and concrete batching-mixing plants company in Turkey following the developments and latest news in the construction news globally. We notice that

Morocco chaired the Committee of the federation of African construction enterprises, which met on January 29-31 in Accra Ghana.  

The meeting was an opportunity for the Moroccan delegation to highlight the importance of the Moroccan-African partnerships in the construction sector

Morocco was considered as a model in light of its increasing investments in several African countries, to achieve thousands housing units as well as cement production plants, a source from the Moroccan delegation.

Federation of African construction enterprises aims at supporting African enterprises in forging partnerships with a view to developing the construction sector.

Our company Beysanmak is working together with some Moroccan companies to realize their projects in the African Construction Sector. We also provide concrete block making machines for the small investors in Morocco. At this moment we have lot’s of inquirys from Morocco to deliver concrete block, concrete paving block and curbstone plants.

For more details about our machinery please visit our website http://www.beysanmak.com

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Cnstruction hotel complex in Cape Town South Africa

Construction  hotel complex in Cape Town South Africa


For the developings in the tourism sector in South Africa a construction company would begin construction of a 500 room hotel complex in Cape Town’s city centre. We as Beysanmak, manufacturer and exporter of concrete block making machines in Trabzon – Turkey following the world developments in the construction sector globally.

This investment brings to 2‚000 the number  rooms in the city centre. The area has attracted a slew of development and renovation driven by tourism and business especially for the visitors from the rest of the world who are coming for tenders and investment contracts.

Cape Town International Convention Centre is also being expanded‚ and a new hospital and theatre in South Africa served to the tourism sector.

Continued development of Cape Town’s city centre will lead to growing demand for hotel accommodation.

Hotel will be completed by September 2017.

As we said we are following the developments in the construction sector globally to manufacture concrete block machines, concrete batching-mixing plants with the new technologies in this sector to serve our machines in the African Countries especially for the small investor.
For concrete block making machine visit our website http://www.beysanmak.com

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