Uganda’s Town Arua Nominated For Best Town In Africa

Uganda’s Town Arua Nominated For Best Town In Africa

Arua, a town located in Arua district in northern Uganda, has been nominated as one of the best towns on the African continent.

The City has been shortlisted alongside two other towns for the continental excellence award. The other City’s are Bangangté in Cameroon and Praia in the Cape Verde islands of African Continent.

Arua town mayor, Charles Asiki, is already travelled to the Angolan capital Luanda to attend the awards ceremony.

Harold Acema, a former Ugandan diplomat in Brussels, Belgium said a number of factors are usually considered before such an award is given to a city.

Acema said, you have to look at services like water, electricity, public transport, cleanliness,  when asked about the criteria of selection.

This is very good news for Arua which should not only excite but challenge the authorities to do more because most towns and cities in Africa do not follow through on their plans.

“I think this is very good news for Arua which should not only excite but challenge the authorities to do more because most towns and cities in Africa do not follow through on their plans.”

Arua district information officer said it is strategically located as a border town with great business opportunities and a hospitable population which makes it a unique town.

Chairperson of the district social services committee said the mayor has demonstrated determination and courage in his leadership.





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