Paver block making machine produces coming building material and they are being to many uses. With age paver block making machine products lose none of it’s strength,  absolutely fireproof and can stand enormous pressure. Another advantage of paver  block making machine products is when they are used into making walls, they may put down much quicker than equal bulk of brick. Paver block making machine produces also hollow blocks.  This add to comfort of building in which hollow blocks made by paver block making machine  making  structure cooler in summer and warmer in the winter thanks to paver block making machine.

New model press molding by paver block making machine is on hand. There are number of different shape molds used for  surface–beveled. Paver block making machine new blocks now being made are to used on inner walls of building and walls, different kind blocks made by paver block making machine performes new age block which will prepared with white sand.

How cement block is made

 The process of construction of paver block with new age paver block making machine mold is arranged with  outside surface at the bottom. Depressed  pieces are put into cement block hollow. Then cement preparation is thrown from top to make smooth outward surface of the cement block. Following for paver block making machine is gravel, well mixed, with sand and cement, is then thrown in the mold of paver block making machine. When the  mold is half filled, a metal block known as the core is placed in paver block making machine position. The mold of paver block making machine  is then filled to  top with the material and tamped. It hardens quickly under the pressure and may be taken from paver block making machines mold at once.

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Blocks – paver – curbstone production                 22.01.2015

If we talk about durable, solid, quality, these are just  few  reasons to own Beysanmak concrete block making machine  brick  curbstone concrete block making machine. Our concrete block making machine  produces  quality of concrete products, our concrete block making machine produce various products  built  most spectacular buildings and walkways in South Africa.

Our concrete block making machine is also producing  curbstone and chimney blocks.

Pipe Production

Quality is the keyword of Beysanmak concrete pipe machinery. Our  skilled staff follows  quality guidelines during the design, manufacture and assembly of machines and  handling equipment. This attention to detail translates into the  quality  concrete pipe in the South African industry.


We understand the importance of keeping your concrete block making machine  running our parts and technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do just that. Our team travels the world to install your concrete block making machine  and support you and your concrete block making machine to produce quality products. Installation of your concrete block making machine  is provided freely trough our company.


Beysanmak operates manufacturing concrete block making machine facilities in Trabzon – Turkey.  With our primary products in concrete products industry, our concrete block making machine are geared up for fabrication, assemblying to manufacturing heavy concrete block making machine, quality concrete block making machine for companies that can benefit from these capabilities especially in South Africa.

Our company Beysanmak is manufacturer and exporter globally of concrete block making machine designed to produce  concrete blocks, pavers bricks and curbstones. Our concrete block making machine is the best concrete block making machine for South Africa investment, for the small block manufacturer in developing countries with limited financial resources like South Africa, who need to produce concrete blocks.

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NEWS SOUTH AFRICAN ECONOMY                                                                           20.01.2015



South African President Jacob Zuma will be heading up the high-level South African delegation of cabinet ministers and business leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, from 21 to 24 January.

South Africa estimates its “blue gold” could contribute as much as R177- million to the economy by 2033. With two major port cities and its established industrial development zones, the Eastern Cape is set to become the hub of this economic activity

Tender process for the building of new nuclear power stations in South Africa will soon be introduced as the government wraps up workshops with potential vendor countries, such as Russia, France, China, South Korea and the US.


South Africa’s efforts to support growth in Africa through regional integration and direct investment is one of the key messages the country will take to the annual World Economic Forum’s meeting, which starts in Davos on 21 January.

News, features on SA’s relations with the African continent.

Infrastructure, key sectors, policies, development.


Exporting, importing, trade relations, assistance.


Black empowerment, innovations, new business.


SA companies and brand products making their mark globally.




HOW THE CONCRETE BRICKS ARE MADE            20.01.2015

 Manufacturing  concrete bricks with brick maker machine, consists   basic processes: mixing, molding, curing,  Some manufacturing plants produce  concrete bricks, other brick maker machine may produce  wide variety  concrete products including bricks,  paver stones, curbstones.


  The sand, the gravel are stored outside in piles and  transferred into storage bins in  plant by  conveyor belt as they are needed.  Cement is stored outside in large vertical silos of brick maker machine to protect  from moisture.

Production  brick maker machine run starts,  required amounts  sand, gravel, and cement  transferred by the gravity  by the mechanical means to  weigh batcher which measures  proper amounts of each material.

The dry materials for brick to the brick maker machine flow into mixer where they are blended together for several minutes. There are two types  mixers  used by brick maker machine, Pan mixing blades attached  vertical rotating shaft inside mixer.  Horizontal drum mixer of brick maker machine has mixing blades attached  horizontal rotating the shaft inside  mixer. After  that the materials are blended, small amount  water is added to  the mixer.


           Once load  concrete brick maker machine is mixed, dumped into bucket conveyor and transported to  elevated hopper. Mixing cycle  brick maker machine  begins  for  next load.  From the hopper of  brick maker machine concrete  conveyed to another hopper  block machine at  measured flow rate. In the brick maker machine, concrete  forced downward into molds.

When  molds are full of brick maker machine  concrete is compacted by the weight of brick maker machine upper mold head coming down on mold cavities of brick maker machine. This compaction of brick maker machine may supplemented by air or hydraulic pressure cylinders acting on mold head. Compacted bricks are pushed down and out of brick maker machine molds onto  steel pallet.

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Bricks machine brick machines



Prompted by concerns about the effect the power outages are having on households and businesses across the country, the government has drawn up a five-point plan to deal with the electricity crisis. A war room has been set up to oversee the implementation of the plan.


We Beysanmak company producing brick machines in Trabzon-Turkey and exporting  to the most of the African countries also to South Africa. The energy policy is also importend for our bricks machine.  The brick machines we produce are manual, semi automatic and fully automatic brick machines , we also producing egg laying bricks machine for the small manufacturer. Our machines are producing block -bricks , curbstones and chimney blocks by only changing the moulds. Our brick machines or bricks machine are capable to work 24 hours.

African Continent is one of the most sophisticated, diverse and promising emerging markets globally.

South Africa has enormous potential as an investment destination, offering a unique combination of highly developed first-world economic infrastructure with a vibrant emerging market economy.

To export our brick machines  we need a stable policy for doing business and sale our bricks machine in South African market. Our brick machines are in various types and capacity to order like producing between 3.500 – 12.000 bricks-blocks in one daily shift of 8 hours. The bricks machine are capable to work 24 hours, that means you can produce three times bricks-blocks in one day. If you want to see our bricks machine or brick machines details types and prices please visite our website
If you have any questions about the bricks machine or brick machines please contact us directly or sent a mail for ordering bricks machine, we will respond immedately. The installation of bricks machine we perform freely at your place. Brick machines or brick machines failures we guarentee to intervene domesticly 48 globally in 120 hours.


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 The housing conditions inherited by the new government in South Africa and the challenge they present. It draws on primary and secondary sources, and on interviews with some of the key actors involved in housing policy. It goes on to consider the implications of the struggle under apartheid for improvements in living conditions, and to review developments in housing policy in the 1980s and early 1990s. The policies emerging from the first year of the new government are described, and the implementation of policy in the first two years is reviewed.


This article reports on a study which charts the planning policy transfer activity between the Netherlands and other countries. The study reveals that many foreign ‘policy tourists’ are impressed and inspired by Dutch planning achievements. However, policy transfer efforts based on Dutch examples of planning have rarely resulted in concrete actions or hard outcomes abroad. Differences in culture, social setup, language, planning legislation and financial resources, as well as the failure to involve political elites in transfer processes, are potential obstacles to embedding Dutch planning policies elsewhere.

Concrete products machines manufacturers  will be hosting its second international product fair aimed at showcasing the latest technology and new trends in the construction and building industry.

Manufacturer of block and brickmaking machines South Africa in partnership with the Concrete Manufacturers Association has manufactured a robust abrasion testing machine to assist customers in complying with the new South Africa.


Block making machines for sale   14.01.2015

Our company Beysanmak is manufacturer of block making machines for sale are designed to produce  concrete blocks and pavers bricks. Our block making machines for sale are the best block machines investment, for the small block manufacturer in South Africa with limited financial resources, who need to produce concrete blocks and pavers on the same machine.

Our block making machines for sale are include, manual vibrating concrete block making machines for sale, hydraulic egg laying concrete block making machines for sale, hydraulic concrete block making machines for sale, manual egg laying concrete block making machines for sale, high output pneumatic stationary concrete block making machines for sale to produce high quality blocks needed for construction work in South Africa.

Concrete block making machines for sale producing blocks is easy to make with todays technology exact what our South African customers needs.
The process the mold of the concrete block making  machines for sale arranged with outside surface at the bottom. Depressed end pieces are put in to make the blocks partly hollow. Then cement mortar is thrown from top of the concrete block making machines for sale to make smooth surface. When the mold of concrete block making machines for sale is half filled, a metal block known as the “core” is placed in position. The mold of concrete block making machines for sale is filled to the top with material and pressed.

The production of concrete blocks by concrete block making machines for sale consists four basic processes: mixing, molding, curing, and cubing. Concrete block making machines for sale  manufacturing plants produce only concrete blocks, while others may produce  blocks and paver stones,  Concrete block making machines for sale are capable of producing between 3.500 to 15.000 or more blocks per day in one shift.

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