VESS 12.36 Full Automatic Hydraulic block making machine

We as Beysanmak – VESS are manufacturing and exporting Automated Concrete Block Making Machine, which can produce solid blocks, hollow blocks, paver blocks. Our range is known for is sturdy construction, durable quality and robust features. Our range is available at market’s most leading price which is especially for the African and Asian Market.

Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

Our Company Beysanmak – VESS is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine such as Fully Automatic, Concrete Block Making Machines, Hydraulic Hollow Concrete Block Making Machine, Automatic Block Making Machine, Hydraulic Operated Concrete Block Making Machine, Concrete Block Making Machines, Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine from Trabzon – Turkey.

Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

The VESS 12.36 has all the technical requirements to ensure a reliable and economical production of high quality concrete elements. It is easy to use and inbetriebzunehmen and has a very good value for money

The VESS 12.36 offers the production of the whole range of building materials such as: concrete paving stones, curb stones, concrete blocks, bricks- concrete hollow blocks, garden elements, especially for the middle investor in African Continent.

Beysanmak Egg laying type Hydraulic Block Machines on wheels, which will lay block on the concrete Floor and move to the next laying. Any type of concrete blocks can be produced with Consistent quality by fixing different types of concrete mould and ram in the machine.

Our superior quality concrete block making machines such as Auto Ramming Block Making Machine, Hydraulic H800 – Concrete Block Making Machine and more is widely appreciated in construction industry.  For more our website

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VESS Concrete Mixing Plants

BEYSANMAK – VESS CONCRETE MIXING PLANTS              17 September 2015

BEYSANMAK – VESS is one of the leading companys in Turkey in the manufacturing of ready-mix concrete plants. The systems equipped with an VESS –  compulsory mixer are reliable and economic plants for the production of quality concretes. The Concrete Batching Plants are available in all sizes for a diversity of applications. Their modular design ensures easy transport and short assembly times. The plants may be designed as star or linear systems. The installation and training of the concrete mix plants will be provided through our company at your field free of charge.

VESS Concrete Batching Plants having been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability for producing all types of high quality concretes, with production outputs from 30m³ to 120m³ per hour, VESS stationary plants are available with a variety of options and can be configured to meet each customers individual needs. VESS Plants are  a primary choice of professionals in ready mixed concrete manufacturing for large scale projects like dams or airports especially in Asian and African Continent.

The range of VESS mixing plants includes vertical and horizontal configurations, as well as mobile systems.

The variants and mixer systems guarantee the application of transport concrete, just as well as prefabricated units and concrete goods factories.

Also special solutions can be accomplished according to customers request, for more about our machinery please visit our website

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Making Brick From Concrete


Making Brick from Concrete                         14 September 2015

In the beginning of making concrete bricks has been for wall coverings over the years, but they can be used for decorative purposes as well. Making the common brick has been molded from clay and fired in a oven. That isn’t the only way you can make brick. Another way, popular with do it yourself types, has been by using concrete. You can make your own bricks from concrete manually following the next steps.

The forms you need to use for the concrete bricks. That requires basic carpenter tools and a sheet of 20 mm. for your brick dimensions.

The strips will be layed on a flat level area and spread plastic sheeting over it to keep the concrete from bonding with the plastic. The work area will need to be left undisturbed for at least 24 hours.

Place the assembled side form on top of the 20 cm plastic covered plywood strip. Either nail the side forms to the plywood or drive wooden stakes around the sides of the forms to keep the forms from shifting off of the plywood bottom strips.

Produce the concrete and pour it into the assembled molds. That will most likely be the most physically challenging part of making brick from concrete. Using a commercially prepared dry mix of concrete materials is the easiest method.

 Fill the wheelbarrow with concrete

Make a small hole in the middle of the dry mix using a shovel or a common garden hoe.

Add small amounts of water in that small hole, preferably from a bucket rather than a hose for better control of the amount of water that is added at any one time.

Batch the dry material and water together with the hoe or shovel, adding water until you have a concrete consistency that is workable. Too wet and it will want to push up the side and run under the forms.

Too dry and it will not want to consolidate, but rather it will leave air voids in your concrete brick blocks.

Tap on the side of the forms with the brick forms filled. Tapping on the top afterward will force any trapped air out from inside of the concrete.

Bring it to the drying area for 24 hours.

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Fully Automatic Block Making Machine


Beysanmak – VESS Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine               12 September 2015


Type :   2015  model – Beysanmak – VESS   Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine
Processing:  Maxi Production Line                                                                                                   Hydraulic Pressure Automatic:  Yes
Capacity:  10.000pcs/8h for 400-200-200mm Place of Origin:  Trabzon – Turkey

Name:  Beysanmak – VESS
Voltage:  380V Certification: TR ISO9001
Warranty:  5 year against manufacturing defaults after-sales service provided:

* Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine,
* Hollow brick making Machine,
* Paver brick machine
* Curbstone machine
Beysanmak – VESS Brick making machine  is controlled by PLC with data transmitting device. For the control system, it is configured with safety logical control and fault diagnosis system, and it has remote control function-                            Unique mould box of material cart, there are several rows of mixing forks, when the hopper sends the material to the top of the mould box, the mixing forks start to forced feed the material to the mould box, the problem in distributing materials for producing  bricks is completely solved using the latest technology.
Original creation of converter vibration is adopted. With the converter, the exciting force and vibrating frequency can be achieved through conversion speed;
Colorful material mechanism is equipped, for the secondary material distributing to produce the colorful bricks;
Multi-purpose machine. Only by changing its moulds, it can produce all kinds of hollow blocks, porous blocks, paver blocks, grass-planting tiles, slope-protecting blocks etc.;..

Computer, electric appliances, sealing parts, hydraulic elements for this machine are imported, they can ensure its function reliable and steady.

For more visit our website

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Concrete Batching – Mixing Plants

BEYSANMAK – VESS CONCRETE MIXING PLANTS                 08 September 2015


Beysanmak – VESS  Concrete Mixing Plants, are with high volume productivity, flexibility,  mixer systems can match your requirements exactly. Beysanmak is manufacturing concrete mixing plants  from the ground up to meet our customers request for the concrete mixing plants with fresh concrete for the Asian and African Market.

Beysanmak – VESS concrete mixing plants are suitable for construction sites where fresh concrete is required. New Age concrete mixing plants allows you for high output rates and are usually more cost effective, transportation is provided by transmixers.

Twin-shaft or Planetray mixers are perfectly suitable for high capacity ready mix for concrete mixing plants, especially for mixer sizes compacted fresh concrete. Thanks to its mixing intensity mixing times are quite sufficient for a homogeneous concrete needed for the new age buildings, constructions.

Our company is one of the leaders in the construction of concrete mixing plants inTrabzon –  Turkey. Mixing plants are available in various sizes for a diversity of applications. The modular design of the concrete mixing plants ensures an easy transport and short assembly times. The concrete mixing plants are designed as stationary and mobile systems to provide the construction sector in the developing countries

Producing of concrete mixing plants are done with advanced, internationally recognized techniques and facilities.  Mixing Plants are highly advanced and durable concrete mixing plants systems for the building industry especially for the Asian and African Continent. We as Beysanmak manufacturing and exporting concrete mixing plants to South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Gabon etc. We also producing concrete block-brick machines for the building industry. For more about the concrete mixing plants visit our web site where you will find all of our machinery

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Concrete Egg Laying Machine

Concrete Egg Laying Machine

Our Company Beysanmak offers various types of semi automatic laying machine and hollow block machine.This products are manufactured with high grade raw material and under the strict guidance of expert technicians. This machinery facilitates the production process in the construction sites. The components assembled in the machinery are quality driven and offers smooth performance. It requires minimum maintenance and, can be replaced if required. All electrical parts are siemens – Rexroth – Bosch brand.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters company of laying  concrete block making machine in Turkey.They are manufactured with precise quality of raw material which are in compliance with the industrial standards. These are specially designed in accordance with the industrial parameters that enable us to meet the diversified requirement of the discerning clientele. They are available in leading industrial rates especially in the African and Asian Market.

Beysanmak – VESS company is instrumental in manufacturing a precision engineered range of laying concrete block machine. For manufacturing these machines, innovative technology and high grade raw material which includes iron, steel, metals etc. Further, in order to maintain the efficiency of the catered range we have appointed a team of quality inspectors who examine our laying concrete block making machine on various set quality parameters. Our machines are widely used in nearly all sorts of construction undertakings in the African Continent. These include residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Along with is, we also offer customization facility to the customers in Asian and African construction sector.

Concrete laying type hydraulic block making machine on wheels. It lays the blocks on the concrete floor and moves forward to the next station. This process eliminates the need for wood or steel pallets. requires less cement.

For more about our machinery visit our web site

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Concrete Batching – Mixing Plant

BEYSANMAK – VESS CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT                     04 September 2015

Our company Beysanmak – VESS concrete batching plants, also known as concrete mixing plants is a plant that combines various ingredients to form concrete. There are two types of the concrete batching plants – ready mix plants and central mix plants. Batching plants exists from /  mixers, cement batchers, aggregate batchers, conveyors,  stackers, heaters, cement silos, concrete batching plant automation using high quality equipments.

By  the center of concrete batching plant we see the mixer. There are three types of mixers: Planetary, Pan and Twin Shaft mixer. The twin shaft mixer can ensure an even mixture of concrete and large output. Concrete batching plants  produces various kinds of concrete, suitable for large or medium scale buildingworks especially in Asia and Africa.

The availability of the mobile concrete batching plant is very important today. The operator can produce exactly what he wants, where he wants and in the quantity he wants through the eye as on- board computer of the plant.

Concrete Batching Plant employ computer aided control to assist in fast, accurete measurement of input  ingredients as well as the together the various parts and accessoires for coordinated and safe operatio for the Asian and African Markets.

Beysanmak manufactures concrete batching  plant under the name VESS, our vertical concrete batching plant are powerfull in the most restricted requirements.Our company Beysanmak is one of the leading companys in the manufacturing of concrete batching plant in Trabzon -Turkey. Batching plant of Beysanmak can be assambled and disassambled within a short time. The concrete batching plants we produce are 30 m3/hour, 45m3/hour, 60 m3/hour, 100 m3/hour and 120 m3/hour capacity. VESS use for their concrete batching  plant reliable humidity measurement systems. VESS is concrete batching plant mixing and batching specialist. For more information about concrete batching plant of Beysanmak visit our web site where you also can find our concrete block-brick and curbstone machinery for the small investor in the developing countries.

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