Egypt Finishes New Suez Canal

Egypt says finishes work on New Suez Canal

ISMAILIA, Egypt has finished building its New Suez Canal , its overseer said on Wednesday, a project President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi sees as a symbol of national pride and a major chance to stimulate an economy suffering double-digit unemployment.
The army led work 11 months ago on the $8-billion canal, flanking the existing, 145-year-old waterway and part of a larger undertaking to expand trade along the fastest shipping route between Europe and Asia.
The Suez Canal is a vital source of hard currency for Egypt, particularly since the 2011 uprising that scared off tourists and foreign investment.
“We have finished work on time and even before the specified time,” retired Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority , said at a news conference.
Sisi had ordered that the canal be completed within a year.
The new waterway will be officially unveiled at a lavish event to be attended by Sisi and foreign dignitaries on Aug. 6. The first cargo ships passed through in a test-run last week.
Mameesh stressed the canal’s security, saying recent attacks would not have an effect on it.
Islamic State’s Egypt affiliate said earlier this month it had fired a rocket at an Egyptian naval vessel in the Mediterranean Sea.
Egypt is battling an Islamist insurgency in the Sinai that lies between Israel, the Gaza Strip and theSuez Canal .
Mameesh’s remarks came after a visit to the canal by a delegation from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the trade association for merchant ship owners and operators.
“The important takeaway is one of wonder at the fact this (has been) completed so quickly,” said ICS secretary general Peter Hinchliffe.
“More ships will be able to use the canal and most importantly for us the time that ships are taking to get through the canal is being reduced,” he said.
The existing canal earns Egypt around $5 billion per year. The new canal, which will allow two-way traffic of larger ships, is supposed to increase revenues by 2023 to $15 billion. It will reduce navigation time for ships to 11 hours from about 22.
The government also plans to build an international industrial and logistics hub near the Suez Canalthat it expects will eventually make up about a third of the Egyptian economy.
Mameesh said work on a new side channel connecting East Port Said to the Mediterranean would begin on Aug.

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Five oppurtunity areas Nigeria’s Construction

Five opportunity areas in Nigeria’s growing construction industry


According to Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics, the construction industry since 2010 has enjoyed a real growth rate of 13%. Government infrastructure spending has been a major driver of this growth as well as private sector investment in both residential and non-residential construction activities.

How can local and foreign investors take advantage of this growth?  Here are five opportunity areas for investment, based on insights from experts, businesses and stakeholders involved in the construction industry.

  1. Residential Housing
    According to Nigeria’s Bureau of Statistics, the contribution of real estate sector to the GDP has grown on an average of 17.5% between 2010 and 2013. But with a population of over 167 million people and a rising middle class, the demand for quality housing remains high. According to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), the country currently has a housing deficit of 17 million units.

Real estate projects are springing up in Abuja and Lagos.  Those housing projects however make up only one percent of what Nigeria needs, says Vincent Nwani, director of research and advocacy for the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“For us at the chamber we feel that Nigeria is not doing so great in terms of explosion or revolution in the construction/real estate environment”, Nwani said. “We need investments in low cost housing to meet the demand from the teeming Nigerian households. The shortage of residential and commercial buildings means opportunity in the construction industry is very huge. We have not yet scratched the surface”.

  1. Infrastructure
    Although government infrastructure spend has been a major driver of growth in Nigeria’s construction industry, analysts say the country remains heavily underserved with infrastructure. They agree a lot of construction is still required in both public and private infrastructure.

In February 2014, President Goodluck Jonathan announced the implementation of Nigeria’s National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan will cost USD 2.9 trillion over the next 30 years.

Okey Ezenwa, a member of civil engineering consulting firm Yola Consultants, says investors can set up an equipment assembly plant and explore opportunities in road construction. “Road construction requires a lot of equipment”, he said. “An equipment company in Nigeria can produce or assemble road construction equipment such as cranes, bulldozers and welding machines”.

In addition, as corporate offices and hotels spring up in major cities such as Lagos, Ezenwa says standard reinforcements are needed, particularly, for high-rise buildings.
“Most of the standard ones, like those used by Julius Berger, are imported”, the civil engineer noted. “If a good operator will come in and put up a manufacturing unit that produces standard iron rods it will be good for the market and investor”.

  1. Retail
    The retail sector continues to stimulate growth in Nigeria’s construction industry. Data from the statistics office reveal that the services sector, which include retail services, made the largest contribution of 51% to Nigeria’s latest rebased GDP.

According to McKinsey’s recent growth estimates for the economy, annual sales in consumer goods could more than triple to $1.4 trillion by 2030 from the current $388 billion. That likely explains the expansion projects by multi-national companies such as  Unilever Plc, Nestle Plc and Shoprite Holdings. The South Africa headquartered grocery store Shoprite, for instance, has  announced plans to build dozens of new retail outlets across Nigeria.

Ado Bayero Mall opened in the northern city of Kano a few months ago. In the South, Effurrun Mall in Delta State and Onitsha Mall in Anambra will open to the public later this year.

PayPal recently launched in Nigeria. In its first week of operation, consumers were reported to have purchased items from Britain, China and the United States via its online platform. As e-commerce thrives in Africa’s biggest economy, global companies will need to set up stores closer to their customers base to facilitate improved service delivery.

  1. Lekki Free Zone
    The Lekki Free Trade Zone LFZ was launched in 2004 to harness the investment and tourism potential of Lagos. The emphasis is on manufacturing, real estate and tourism, said Chi Changgui, commercial controller of the Lekki Free Zone Development Company. It’s a mixed-use development.

The LFZ, according Changgui, has received diversified investment interest from Africa, China and Europe. Apart from well-known projects such as the USD 9bn refinery Dangote Group, Changgui said that a Nigerian garment factory and a food processing company from Ukraine, are slated for the trade area. He adds that some companies have started preliminary site work.

The Lekki Free Zone is part of the Lagos State Lekki Master Plan project, which includes the satellite estates and towns around Lekki, offering multiple investment opportunities.

“We have the free trade zone, the upcoming airport there and to the west side of it, the Grace Field Phoenix Estate, Orange Island and the Shell Estate, all coming up”, says Kunle Ladega, an urban and regional planner in Lagos. “There is also plan for a light rail project around that axis”.

  1. Eko Atlantic City
    Eko Atlantic City, another city being built from scratch in Lagos, aims to actualize the megacity dream of the Nigerian commercial capital.

“We wanted to tap into the experience of worldwide projects such as Cape Town and Dubai”, says David Frame, managing director for South Energyx, promoters of the Eko Atlantic City Project.

Eko Atlantic City allows anyone who wants to go into construction or the real estate business to think outside the box, Ladega notes. “The City provides opportunity for investors to test their dexterity in real estate”, he said.

Modeled after 5th Avenue in New York City, Frame says the city is being designed to hold 250,000 permanent residents and 150,000 visitors. The main district should be ready two years from now and open for visitors, he says, adding there are clients already developing buildings. Still, contractors and work-specific builders are needed to make the city a reality.

Nigeria’s First Bank plans to build a 52-story building at the site. The land was bought two years ago and Frame anticipates building will commence this year.

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Construction News Zambia

ABCEC hails construction internships in Zambia

The association of building and civil engineering contractors in Zambia (ABCEC) has hailed construction internship schemes saying they will go a long way to promote skilled manpower in the country.

Zambian president Edgar Lungu recently launched the 2015 national youth policy and action plan for youth empowerment, which seeks to create an estimated 500,000 jobs by the end of 2016.

According to ABCEC, this development is a land mark achievement by the country which needs support from all well-meaning Zambians.
ABCEC notes that the government needed to be commended for developing the 2015 youth policy.

From a perspective of contractors, the construction industry stands to benefit from the launched youth policy through apprenticeship and internship scheme, as there is a shortage of skilled manpower, observes ABCEC.

The ABCEC opines that the government should consider moving a few more steps by incentivizing the arrangements to make it attractive for employers to take on interns and apprentices.

The President stated that it was imperative that young people who make up the majority of Zambia’s population play a key role in the development of the country especially in the construction industry as there can be no meaningful development without the involvement of the youth.

ABCEC is an umbrella body for building and  civil engineers in Zambia.

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Railway Project In Kenia


Kenya is from this July set to start off its second phase of the massive Standard Gauge Railway project where a line will be constructed from Nairobi to Lake Victoria port, Kisumu. The development is meant to enhance transportation of goods between Kenya and Uganda. The new route is now being favored from the previously planned Nairobi-Malaba route since it provides shortest route to East African countries.

“Construction of phase two of the standard gauge railway line will begin in the 2015-2016 financial year under a design and build framework,” said the National Treasury in February this year.

In Kenya, the US$ 4bn Standard Gauge Railway project involves construction of a 398km line that will link Nairobi to the shores of Lake Victoria in Kisumu and further to Uganda. The line will also be hooked to Rwanda, Sudan  and Burundi according to East Africa’s master plan for a Standard Gauge railway line. It is expected to aid in the decongestion of goods from the Mombasa port.

Construction has finally begun in Kenya for the Mombasa-Nairobi route, a project being undertaken by China Communication Company. The link from Mombasa to Nairobi is 609km. Uganda has also entered deal with the China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) this month to see construction of US$ 3.2bn railway line between Kampala through Malaba to Nimule in South Sudan. 

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Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine (s)                                                20.08.2015

Beysanmak manufacturing production line is a semi or full automatic system brick making machine line with a production capacity of 18.000 blocks from 6cm to 38cm height, allowing the manufacturing of a wide range of products for buildings industry, also manufacturing concrete  paving blocks on the brick making machine by only changing the mould.

For such performances the vibration by the brick making machine becomes one of the essential points of the brick making machines and  equipment. The brick making machine to the world standards the vibration system is not only an must but a standard for all our high performance vibropresses by brick making machines, concrete batching plants for the South African market.

Strong structure and materials allow the use of very high  hydraulic unit that comes standard with speed control modules allows the brick making machine movements with therefore ensuring a longer durability and low maintenance of the brick making machine and equipment.

Our company Beysanmak brick making machines are robust and designed for the developing world, making our equipment ideal for Asian and African continent especially for South Africa and the Middle East market.

Beysanmak is also supply a wide range of brick making machines and material handling equipment like pan mixers, twinshaft mixers, stationery batching plants, aggregate conveyors, silos, conveyor solutions, bunkers and silos.

Beysanmak brick making machines equipment is ideal for the customers in various sectors, including brick making machine,concrete plants, concrete brick making machine and paving for manufacturers in South Africa.

Beysanmak is one of the Leading brick making machine2 1 4 2 8 4DrFvk1 2 32 8 1 - Kopya 4 mm suppliers in Turkey for the African continent, providing the building materials and concrete production sector with robust bricks-blocks machine with suitable prices and efficient brick making  machines and stationary concrete batching plants. For more information visit our Beysanmak website

Interlocking block making machine


Interlocking block making machine


Interlocking pavers are manufactured by interlocking block making machine produced by Beysanmak from Turkey. It consist of both fine and raw grained aggregate, along with cement compounds.

Ingredients are put through pressure and vibration courses in to the interlocking block making machine, which produce  strong, durable concrete that can then be molded into various shapes and designs produced and exported by interlocking block making machine of Beysanmak Company Turkey.

During the pressure and vibration courses of the interlocking block making machine, color is added to give a more appealing design feature especially for the African Continent.

The interlocking block making machine provide a  quick production process, for these pavers do not need to be cured over time, they are ready instantly for paving produced by interlocking block making machine of Beysanmak Company.

Beysanmak is one of the leading companys of manufacturing and exporting interlocking block making machine in Turkey.

Beysanmak manufactures wide selection interlocking block making machine for bricks, block, curbstones and other concrete product machines. Interlocking block making machine is  manufactured using  latest global technology and quality management standards for the industry which is important for the African Construction Industry. By manufacturing of interlocking block making machine we use Bosch – Siemens – Schneider brand electrical parts from Germany.

The interlocking block making machine is using economical and green materials. These are utilized in countless applications, from building construction to walkways, parks, etc.

Interlocking block making machine is available as semi automatic, automatic and fully automatic versions. We also manufacture concrete interlocking block machine as concrete laying machine in various types. With our interlocking block machine is also possible to produce curbstones and many other types concrete blocks only by changing the mould of the interlocking block making machine.

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Interlocking block machine African Continent

Interlocking blocks cost effective  solution for the African Continent

Interlocking cement blocks allow for the quick and cost efficient construction of housing units and other buildings. Turkey based Beysanmak Interlocking Blockmaking Machines are currently being used by the construction companys all over the world especially in the African Continent.

Beysanmak specialises in dry stacked interlocking construction utilising Beysanmak blocks. This sets them apart from any other construction company in the African Continent. Beysanmak has an  engineering team that can offer simple advice on projects or develop full technical drawings for developments for planning and construction.

Haydar Boyla, sales manager at Beysanmak, says that using interlocking blocks have various  benefits, especially for companies operating on the African continent.

One of the advantages of interlocking blocks is that they can be dry-stacked with no mortar. This  increases the speed and quality of the construction, he says.

This building system has been extensively tested for structural strength and durability, as well as for fire, rain and sound resistance.

Beysanmak’s  blockmaking machines only use three inputs, namely sand ,  cement , and water.  They are also an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional vibration machines. Beysanmak machines are available in electrical options. Depending on the model, the machines have the capacity to produce between 3,500 and 21,000 blocks per eight-hour shift.

The machines are relatively labour intensive, requiring about three – to seven employes. Boyla says that for most  governments this is an advantage because it creates employment opportunies.

Beysanmak also provides  training on using its machines . We offer training programmes both here in Turkey and on-site across the continent. Our technicians would give workers training on operating the machines as well as maintenance. The machines are relatively easy to use and people normally learn quite quickly. For more about interlocking block machine visit our website

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