ENERGY NEWS GHANA                                                                                       30 April 2015

The republic of Korea has signed an agreement with the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) and the GS E&D and Samsung C&E of the Korean Republic to see through construction of a power transmission line from Prestea in the Western Region all the way to the Ashanti Regional capital in Kumasi, Ghana.  The project is scheduled for completion within a period of 24 months.

This was revealed by the GRIDCo, CEO William Amuna, during the agreement signing ceremony in Accra, saying the power transmission line will ferry electricity from the new power plants being developed in Aboadze power enclave and distribute it to other parts of the country.

The US$67m deal comprises of a 330kv of power transmission network estimated to be of 185km in length, beginning from the Abaodze thermal power plant sited in the southern part of the country to the Bolgatanga in the north part of Ghana. The transmission line network will also pass through Prestea in the west to Kumasi in the central part of Ghana.

“We also intend having a very robust grid system. We have a 330kv line that goes from Aboadze to Tema. Now we are going to have this line that will go from Aboadze all the way to Kumasi. In future we intend linking Kumasi to Pokuase in Accra so that we have a triangle of 330kv network, and if we have that our grid system is going to be one of the most robust anywhere in the world,” addresses Mr. Amuna during the ceremony.

Mr. Amuna also observed that the GRIDCo power transmission line project will trim down the transmission line losses as well as advancing the system voltage stability.

“With this project we should be able to transport large volumes of power from southern Ghana to any part of Ghana, and this is going to aid rural electrification.” He said.

With about 76% penetration in terms of electricity, Ghana’s president indicated it should go to 80% in the next few years.

The  government of the Republic of Korea via the Export-Import bank of Korea will provide a concessional loan for the power transmission project.

Also present at the signing ceremony was the Power Minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor, who expressed his gratitude to the Korean government and the consortium of investors for the longstanding relationship between the two countries. Ghana is also set to get the largest solar power plants in Nzema solar park project at the cost of US$400m. 




PAVER MACHINE-2                                                                29 April 2015

Beysanmak – VESS concrete Equipment manufactures from their factory in Trabzon-Turkey , a range of brick, block and paver machine to meet the needs of small to large investors especially for the South African Market. Our range of paver machine are designed and build to the needs of the African Continent.

Our paver machine is fully PLC controlled for accurate running, product selection and is fully automated.

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The paver machine plants are for the business looking for a high production plant requiring accurate product quality and have the technical qualified staff to operate and maintain the plant.

Vibration of the paver machine is done via a powerful hydraulic power pack for excellent product compaction.

Different mould sizes are available for the paver machine.

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The simple and semi automatic paver machine ranges are ideally suited for the serious business looking for a medium to high production plant with a limited budget.

The paver machine range is available in small hand operated block paver machine , moveable egg layer paver machine and electric vibrated stationary paver machine.

Various mould sizes are available for the paver machine to suite your product and market needs.

All the machines in the paver machine range are movable between sites, reducing the set up costs and limitations for South African Market.

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Construction work on the Aba Mega Mall in Nigeria is in good progress. This was confirmed by Ademola Olorunfemi, the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) during his inspection of the mall project at Osisioma Ngwa in Abia State.

The first phase of the mall project is scheduled for completion by end of 2015. Furthermore, the first phase will include development of a shopping space of about 100,000m2 along with a dry port. According to the NSE President, this particular project will be the largest of its kind in Africa. It will include addition of 100 hotel rooms in its second phase.

Mr. Olorunfemi also commented that the situation of the construction work demonstrated that Nigerians, given a chance, were capable to handle any kind of engineering project.

The US$300m mall project is being handled by an indigenous developer by the name Greenfield Assets Limited, with the help of the local engineers.

He further expressed his gratitude to the initiators of the mall project and their engaging of local engineers’ services, describing the mall construction project as an ideal idea to develop and grow economic activities especially for the people of Abia State and those residing in the South-East geopolitical region.

Mr. Olorunfemi urged the citizens of Nigeria to engage more in similar projects that will create more job opportunities, saying NSE was interested in similar projects as Aba Mega Mall.

“It is part of our responsibility as a professional body to encourage this kind of development. This is a $300m project that has a huge implication.”He said.

It has been the best idea for the developer to involve mainly Nigerian professionals, artisans among others, he added. He said the government needed to consider approaching professionals from other countries through their very own professionals. The country has witnessed other mall construction projects such as the Ado Bayero mall.



28 April 2015

Africa, with its untapped markets and abundant natural recourses, has been the common secret amongst many energy investors over the past couple of decades. Its high growth rates, rapidly growing population and unexploited resources have marked it as the Promised Land for various businessmen. However, results so far have been widely variable.

Africa is in dire need of power. The continent 250GW of installed electricity capacity by 2030 in order to support its growth. Currently, the continent is only managing 147 GW of power with much ( 68 GW) in sub-Sahara region, and still substantial amount of electricity (40GW) being generated by South Africa alone.

Having launched and marketed necessary programs to attract foreign investors in energy and power sector, Africa must work on its business environment such as improving policy framework and other challenges; so argues Dr. Yanos Michopoulos, the GEF Steering Committee and an independent Management Consultant & Advisor to PE funds and Dr. Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis, the vice chairman of the Greek Energy Forum in their article.

In order to inspire confidence among private investors, African governments will need to establish clear and stable policy frameworks in the energy / electricity sector. According to the authors, the governments will need to develop “credible local content rules in order to support their local manufacturing sector, to stimulate local employment and to promote the requirements for stable energy production.” Renewable energy sources must also be categorized and integrated in the governments’ long-term energy plans so that they will build a generation capacity that does not stress on their trade balances. Championing for use of renewables can also see these governments earn more from export of crude oil, natural gas and coal, as a benefit.

African countries must run for continental electricity grid interconnectedness according to the authors, in order to open the current development projects to end demand points. Many countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda as well as the Southern African region, have initiated massive renewable energy projects and plans to interconnect their electricity grids.

Most African countries strive through unstable energy and electricity regulatory framework and support schemes. This, together with the fact that the government-fixed power pricing strategies and red-tape practices in the industry, will need to be solved in order to attract long-term energy investments by the private sector.

Although many African countries have made substantial initiatives to know partners and business counterparts in the sector as well as improving interconnectedness with neighbors, they will need to improve on guaranteeing credit worthiness of the sponsors and payments security of the state-owned operators.

In order to boost electricity sector in Africa, there is also need for collaboration between key stakeholders since “Experience in the developed markets has shown that for any medium to large energy project to materialise, alignment between different key stakeholders is central.”


HOLLOW BLOCK MAKING MACHINE                                       24 April 2015

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ENERGY NEWS SOUTH AFRICA                                                     22 April 2015


Scalet Solar power producer has emerged the preferred bidder for the mega solar power project that will see the company build three solar plants at Nothern Cape Province in South Africa. The three solar power plants will be able to produce 285MW and will be built to sites that are close to each other.

The Norwegian solar power producer will deliver on the power projects under the fourth round of the country’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Procurement Programme (REIPP). South Africa, which has been caught up in persistent load shedding, is using large scale renewable energy projects to strengthen its power supply. The three solar power projects will be based in  Upington in the Northern Cape region.

Financial close for the project is expected in 2015 while construction is expected to start in 2017 at the same time with grid construction undertaking in the area.

“We are very impressed by the great determination by the South African government to use large scale renewables to strengthen power supply in the country. With this award, the people of South Africa will access more clean, reliable and cost competitive electricity in many years to come.” Scatec Solar CEO Raymond Carlsen has said.

Scalet will develop, own and operate all the 3 solar power plants while their counterpart Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries will have 18% of the shares of the project equity.

The company will own 42%of the solar power project and the balance will be held the local trust that will be channeling dividends from the ptojectwill be held by the locals. The company is building and operating power plants worth 427 MW in total. The company also plans 150-200 MW of solar power projects (PV) in Egypt in the coming three to two years, all at a cost at least US$ 300 million. The company also runs similar developments in Africa, Middle East, Americas and Asia.




Tsogo Sun Group of Hotels is set to construct a new hotel complex with 500 bed capacity on the demolished Tulip hotel site. The facility will be located at Buitengracht and strand streets in at the Central Business District of Cape Town.

Construction work on the hotel complex in Cape Town will begin in May with completion scheduled for September 2017 for the summer. This project will be constructed at a cost of US $56.50m.

CEO at Tsogo Sun, Marcel von Aulock, said they believed that the developments currently taking place in Cape Town will lead to a demand in more hotel accommodation. Marcel has said that the new hotel project will help them provide full range of services and products for all categories, both business and leisure travelers. Nedbank had earlier announced they would launch a new executive apartment hotel, The Capital on Bath, Rosebank area this year, as a response to increase in demand for residential property in the area.

The new hotel complex will fuse together a SunSquare hotel – 200 bedroomed facility – and the StayEasy Hotel – a 300 bedroomed facility – Both will be offering clients a choice for what they can afford.

In addition, the complex will have conference facilities, house banqueting, retail space, a Tsogo Sun casual dining area and 300 underground parking bays.

According to Von Aulock, the Group was already operating three full service hotels in Cape Town – The Southern Sun Waterfront, The Cullinan and Southern Sun Cape Sun.