Uganda’s Town Arua Nominated For Best Town In Africa

Uganda’s Town Arua Nominated For Best Town In Africa

Arua, a town located in Arua district in northern Uganda, has been nominated as one of the best towns on the African continent.

The City has been shortlisted alongside two other towns for the continental excellence award. The other City’s are Bangangté in Cameroon and Praia in the Cape Verde islands of African Continent.

Arua town mayor, Charles Asiki, is already travelled to the Angolan capital Luanda to attend the awards ceremony.

Harold Acema, a former Ugandan diplomat in Brussels, Belgium said a number of factors are usually considered before such an award is given to a city.

Acema said, you have to look at services like water, electricity, public transport, cleanliness,  when asked about the criteria of selection.

This is very good news for Arua which should not only excite but challenge the authorities to do more because most towns and cities in Africa do not follow through on their plans.

“I think this is very good news for Arua which should not only excite but challenge the authorities to do more because most towns and cities in Africa do not follow through on their plans.”

Arua district information officer said it is strategically located as a border town with great business opportunities and a hospitable population which makes it a unique town.

Chairperson of the district social services committee said the mayor has demonstrated determination and courage in his leadership.





Unrest Over Project Delays In South Africa

 Unrest over project delays in South Africa


South Africa’s consulting engineers  says that the government must make  economic decisions about South Africans infrastructure development or face possible further unrest over service delivery.

The warning comes as severe project delays  new power stations, which along with violent strikes, underline the poor state of the civil engineering industry in South Africa.

The consulting engineer says in its latest biannual economic and capacity survey of the industry released on Monday, 4 May, that the level of satisfaction among engineering firms in 2014.

The crisis is the weakest level since the 1998 financial crisis. There was a notable shift in the opinions expressed by larger firms in this survey.

The consulting engineer said it had come to a point where the government also had to make hard economic decisions instead of political decisions when it came to South Africans infrastructure needs.

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Moroccan- African Partnership

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Morocco chaired the Committee of the federation of African construction enterprises, which met on January 29-31 in Accra Ghana.  

The meeting was an opportunity for the Moroccan delegation to highlight the importance of the Moroccan-African partnerships in the construction sector

Morocco was considered as a model in light of its increasing investments in several African countries, to achieve thousands housing units as well as cement production plants, a source from the Moroccan delegation.

Federation of African construction enterprises aims at supporting African enterprises in forging partnerships with a view to developing the construction sector.

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Cnstruction hotel complex in Cape Town South Africa

Construction  hotel complex in Cape Town South Africa


For the developings in the tourism sector in South Africa a construction company would begin construction of a 500 room hotel complex in Cape Town’s city centre. We as Beysanmak, manufacturer and exporter of concrete block making machines in Trabzon – Turkey following the world developments in the construction sector globally.

This investment brings to 2‚000 the number  rooms in the city centre. The area has attracted a slew of development and renovation driven by tourism and business especially for the visitors from the rest of the world who are coming for tenders and investment contracts.

Cape Town International Convention Centre is also being expanded‚ and a new hospital and theatre in South Africa served to the tourism sector.

Continued development of Cape Town’s city centre will lead to growing demand for hotel accommodation.

Hotel will be completed by September 2017.

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Construction Labour Laws In Zambia

 Construction Firms Labour Laws in Zambia


Construction sector has for many years been loaded with controversies which include non observance of safety and health regulations among micro small, medium enterprises

These pitfalls have sometimes led to sub-standard works and, in worse scenarios, stalled projects.

Resounding cry has been for the relevant authorities to strengthen laws so that, apart from promoting safe and healthy working environments, higher productivity could be encouraged in this African Country.

Good news is that there is now a guide to the labour Law for  construction’, which has been launched by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Zambia.

To ensure that no-one struggles to understand the contents, the booklet is a simplified version of the Zambian labour laws arranged by topic.

This will enable users to access guidance on how to comply with labour law provisions that they may need.

It is expected that by complying with the legal and regulatory framework, MSMEs could foster good working conditions and, in turn, give rise to a more productive workforce.

This ultimately leads to enhanced competitiveness and productivity of the enterprise, and as a consequence improves the business.

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda has acknowledged how globally, MSMEs have become engines for economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

The building and construction sector in Zambia is one with high potential for the creation of employment through MSME activity.

The sector, which currently has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and is expected to expand further due to public sector funded infrastructure development projects and strong demand in the residential housing and office retail market in the African Continent.

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Jordan eyes key role in reconstruction of Libya

Jordan is interested to have a key role in the reconstruction of Libya, Industry and Trade Minister Sami Gammoh told reporters on Thursday.

The Jordanian private sector can offer services and assistance in the fields of health, pharmaceuticals, food industries, education and universities, the minister said, indicating that Jordanian construction firms have the capabilities to have a key share in the Libyan market.

He added that the ministry is preparing for a delegation of officials and private sector representatives to visit the North African Arab country stressing that both Jordanian and Libyan officials are keen to involve the Kingdom’s expertise in the reconstruction of Libya.

As Jordan is set to enjoy good economic ties with Libya, the strong trade links with Syria may remain unchanged even if Arab countries decide to impose sanctions against the northern neighbouring country to put pressure on Bashar Assad’s regime to end the violent crackdown on protesters.
Answering a question on the impact of the expected economic sanctions against Syria on the Kingdom’s economy, Gammoh said Jordan will not be obliged to implement the economic sanctions against Syria, because, according to the UN Charter, Jordan cannot be forced to take part in the sanctions if the penalties hurt the interests of the Kingdom and the people.

Around 60 per cent of Jordan’s external trade is through Syria, Gammoh pointed out, describing Syria as the gateway for Jordanian products to Turkey and Europe.

“Jordan can be a bright spot in a turbulent region,” he said, expressing optimimism about the performance of Jordan’s economy in 2012.

A number of legislations will be implemented next year in a bid to boost the performance of the economy and enhance the business and investment environment in the country, according to Gammoh.

He concluded that although he prefers the cash transfer system, the government is still looking for a mechanism to direct subsidies next year only to vulnerable households who deserve support.


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Ethiopian firms makes inroads in Tanzania

Ethiopian construction firm makes inroads in Tanzania

Flintstone Engineering, a little known Ethiopian firm, is targeting the Tanzanian market, thanks to a programme run by the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ).

Currently, the company is undertaking a USD 3.5m National Housing Corporation project in Tanzania, said Flintstone founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moges Tadese.

“In Tanzania we have only one project which we are doing alone and a second one with almost equivalent size which is a joint venture with a local company”, he said. “These projects will help us experience the Tanzanian construction market and get an experience to have bigger projects in the future”.

Established more than two decades ago, Flintstone is part of a local contractors’ empowerment project known as the University Capacity Building Program, implemented by GIZ International Services (GIZ IS) Ethiopia. The Ethiopian company has annual turnover of USD 25m, according to Esayas Abebe, executive director of GIZ IS in Ethiopia.

At least 22 local companies have graduated from the UCBP which started in 2005 and ends next year. The companies have also received ISO certification under the programme . The contractors, who have been enrolled in the University Capacity Building Program implemented by GIZ International Services Ethiopia, have become highly competitive in the national market. Almost all of them have upgraded their status from Grade 3 contractor to Grade 1 contractor, Abebe said.

Other Ethiopian contractors, namely Alemeyehu Ketema and Tekleberhan Ambaye  are undertaking projects in Rwanda and Somaliland, he noted.

GIZ is managing the design and construction of the one of the buildings for the new African Union headquarters complex, which is being funded by the German government, according to Mr. Abebe. He added that Flintstone is one of the construction firms working on the EUR 42m project.

The new AU headquarters building will cover 13,500-square metres and meet international design standards for environmental sustainability.

In Tanzania, Flintstone’s founder said he would like to see more local contractors dominate major building projects. Foreign firms could come in as subcontractors, he explained, adding that he’s looking forward to working with local firms.

“The competition in Tanzania as compared to Ethiopia is very different”, Tadese said. “In our country the foreign companies are highly involved in the road construction. We have very limited or none foreign contractors in building contracts”.

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