Concrete Curbstone Machine

Concrete Curbstone Machine                                   04.12.2015

We as Beysanmak, one of the manufacturing and exporting companys in Trabzon – Turkey are providing concrete curbstone machines globally since 2007.Our Curbstone, edge stone making machine utilizes sand, industrial gravel, cement etc. to make the raw material of road pavement. With less cement, the raw material can be molded to all types of road edge concrete blocks, colored blocks, road edge concrete blocks, concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks etc. by this concrete curbstone machine. Moulds of machine are replaceable, replacement can be done within 30 minutes. The curbstones and concrete blocks made by this machine are suitable for the road, road, square, highway, etc pavement, which greatly improves the city’s ecological environment.

This new technology of the machine can produce the curbstones  within one meter length. The whole procedure from raw materials to finished products can be semi or fully automatic and is very simple producing line for the operator.. The product structure is simple, reasonable designed. We offer this machine especially to the Asian and African Market for the construction sector and also there are types for the small investor with an suitable price. We also deliver the machine with a spare parts set enough for one year, our after sales service is wellknown by our  customers allover the world. By manufacturing failors we guarantee to intervene within 72-120 hours range globbaly. All the used electrical parts are German Bosch, Siemens brands, we guarantee our machine for 5 years against manufacturing failors. The installation of the machine at the field of our customer will be provided by our technical team free of charge, also the training of the operator(s) is provided through our company without any charge.

We are manufacturing also concrete hollow block, interlocking paving block machines, concrete pipe machines ,concrete batching-mixing plants and concrete egg laying machines, to see more of our machinery please visit our website

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