Heavy Construction In Ethiopia

Heavy Construction in Ethiopia                                         21 November 2015


We as Beysanmak manufacturer and exporter company of concrete block making machines and concrete batching plants in Trabzon – Turkey ,following the developments in African Continent especially in Ethiopa at this time, our contacts in Ethiopa telling us that Ethiopia’s infrastructure spending, is the highest in Africa. The Ethiopian government rightfully makes the delivery of infrastructural services, such as transport and energy, a focus of its development plan. Absent the government’s current and continued focus on infrastructure, and the development story.

Construction sectors, including cement and steel, are the ancillary beneficiaries of this infrastructure build. The national building  lottery is undergoing an expansion.  As you drive out of Addis Ababa, you pass newly built affordable government housing or private housing developments,  both promptly filling up after the final touches are added. Pass through Bole and expect to encounter changing roadways, as one road finishes construction and another undergoes it. I don’t know which road is open today, says my customer in Ethiopia.

It is not just the government. All the buildings under construction in Addis are also a clear indication that those with are investing in property in Addis.

My customers are saying to me that, walking around Addis is like walking through a major construction site which means we can sale more concrete block machines in the near future to the biggest country in Africa.


Prices of cement, which is very importent to produce concrete blocks, remain high in Ethiopia and in Kenya and Tanzania, both of whom are potential export countries of Beysanmak company. Transportation and logistics still frustrate us, but such frustrations are eased by the government’s focus on transport, especially the rail corridor between Addis Ababa and the Port of Djibouti. Importing certain materials has confounded the industry, but the Ethiopian government expedites access to foreign currency for those exporting in these industries, considering all these developments we will keep our company policy to export our machines to this beautiful country in the African Continent.

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