Moroccan- African Partnership

We as Beysanmak manufacturer and exporter of concrete block making machines and concrete batching-mixing plants company in Turkey following the developments and latest news in the construction news globally. We notice that

Morocco chaired the Committee of the federation of African construction enterprises, which met on January 29-31 in Accra Ghana.  

The meeting was an opportunity for the Moroccan delegation to highlight the importance of the Moroccan-African partnerships in the construction sector

Morocco was considered as a model in light of its increasing investments in several African countries, to achieve thousands housing units as well as cement production plants, a source from the Moroccan delegation.

Federation of African construction enterprises aims at supporting African enterprises in forging partnerships with a view to developing the construction sector.

Our company Beysanmak is working together with some Moroccan companies to realize their projects in the African Construction Sector. We also provide concrete block making machines for the small investors in Morocco. At this moment we have lot’s of inquirys from Morocco to deliver concrete block, concrete paving block and curbstone plants.

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