Concrete Hollow Block-Paving Block Machine


Concrete Hollow Block – Paving Block Machine

Different types of raw materials such as sand, gravel and cement in the manufacture of our products, allow us to produce flawless products. Quality of our concrete hollow block machine and paving block making machine is further ensured by implementing the industry suggested quality standards in our company. Quality team further tests our hollow block making machine,  interlocking paving block making machine and ensures that our clients get the perfect products. We have a comprehensive manufacturing plant which incorporates various high tech machines to produce quality concrete hollow block machine and interlocking paving machine and. We also provide after sales support to our clients, for the proper functioning of our products especially for the African Market.

The machine is easy to operate and makes good production of Concrete hollow block, solid block and interlocking paving block can be made in this machine only by changing the mould. Block measurement moulds can be designed based on customer’s requirement.

Our company Beysanmak-bess  is one of the leading companys in Trabzon – Turkey in manufacturing and export of concrete hollow  block  machines, that are specially designed for block making in construction industry. The machines are precision engineered using optimum grade components that ensure enhanced production and durability for the investors in Developing Countries.

This machinery facilitates the production process in the construction sites. The components assembled in the machinery are German (Siemens – Bosch) quality driven and offers smooth performance.

Demands of construction industry, we design and develop a range of high quality  concrete hollow block making machine. Using premium grade components these machines are widely appreciated for their sturdy construction, corrosion resistance and high performance standards which is required in the industrial sector especially for the Asian and African Countries. To see our machinery with descriptions and prices please visit our website –

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