Concrete Batching-Mixing Plants


Concrete Batching-Mixing Plants Beysanmak – VESS

We as Beysanmak and VESS group , engineer and manufacture the industry’s most reliable and productive PAN mixer and  twin shaft mixers.

Concrete mixing plants are suitable for construction sites where high capacity of bulk concrete  are required. These plants allow for high capacity output.

Beysanmak – VESS offers complete continuous mixing plants of different sizes  based on our twin-shaft mixer. Mixing and weighing platforms are designed so  The metering system and the control technology enable extremely accurate continuous weighing of the formula ingredients. BHS plants have proven reliable all over the world, especially in Asian and African Continent.

Batching Plant for the production of ready-mixed concrete with the following features:
Able to correspond to the different requirements of the market, to meet the quality standards and the functional level in both production and the environment sectors in the building industry.

Quality, Safety, ease of operation, maintenance-friendliness and of course economic efficiency have always been in the foreground of all our development activities.  Mixing plants are available as stationary types. The standard range of plants comprises concrete production rates from 30 m³/hoour to 120 m³/h. Beysanmak-VESS is also manufacturing and exporting concrete hollow block-paving block-curbstone machines.
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