Construction Labour Laws In Zambia

 Construction Firms Labour Laws in Zambia


Construction sector has for many years been loaded with controversies which include non observance of safety and health regulations among micro small, medium enterprises

These pitfalls have sometimes led to sub-standard works and, in worse scenarios, stalled projects.

Resounding cry has been for the relevant authorities to strengthen laws so that, apart from promoting safe and healthy working environments, higher productivity could be encouraged in this African Country.

Good news is that there is now a guide to the labour Law for  construction’, which has been launched by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Zambia.

To ensure that no-one struggles to understand the contents, the booklet is a simplified version of the Zambian labour laws arranged by topic.

This will enable users to access guidance on how to comply with labour law provisions that they may need.

It is expected that by complying with the legal and regulatory framework, MSMEs could foster good working conditions and, in turn, give rise to a more productive workforce.

This ultimately leads to enhanced competitiveness and productivity of the enterprise, and as a consequence improves the business.

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda has acknowledged how globally, MSMEs have become engines for economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

The building and construction sector in Zambia is one with high potential for the creation of employment through MSME activity.

The sector, which currently has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and is expected to expand further due to public sector funded infrastructure development projects and strong demand in the residential housing and office retail market in the African Continent.

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