VESS Concrete Mixing Plants

BEYSANMAK – VESS CONCRETE MIXING PLANTS              17 September 2015

BEYSANMAK – VESS is one of the leading companys in Turkey in the manufacturing of ready-mix concrete plants. The systems equipped with an VESS –  compulsory mixer are reliable and economic plants for the production of quality concretes. The Concrete Batching Plants are available in all sizes for a diversity of applications. Their modular design ensures easy transport and short assembly times. The plants may be designed as star or linear systems. The installation and training of the concrete mix plants will be provided through our company at your field free of charge.

VESS Concrete Batching Plants having been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability for producing all types of high quality concretes, with production outputs from 30m³ to 120m³ per hour, VESS stationary plants are available with a variety of options and can be configured to meet each customers individual needs. VESS Plants are  a primary choice of professionals in ready mixed concrete manufacturing for large scale projects like dams or airports especially in Asian and African Continent.

The range of VESS mixing plants includes vertical and horizontal configurations, as well as mobile systems.

The variants and mixer systems guarantee the application of transport concrete, just as well as prefabricated units and concrete goods factories.

Also special solutions can be accomplished according to customers request, for more about our machinery please visit our website

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