Fully Automatic Block Making Machine


Beysanmak – VESS Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine               12 September 2015


Type :   2015  model – Beysanmak – VESS   Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine
Processing:  Maxi Production Line                                                                                                   Hydraulic Pressure Automatic:  Yes
Capacity:  10.000pcs/8h for 400-200-200mm Place of Origin:  Trabzon – Turkey

Name:  Beysanmak – VESS
Voltage:  380V Certification: TR ISO9001
Warranty:  5 year against manufacturing defaults after-sales service provided:

* Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine,
* Hollow brick making Machine,
* Paver brick machine
* Curbstone machine
Beysanmak – VESS Brick making machine  is controlled by PLC with data transmitting device. For the control system, it is configured with safety logical control and fault diagnosis system, and it has remote control function-                            Unique mould box of material cart, there are several rows of mixing forks, when the hopper sends the material to the top of the mould box, the mixing forks start to forced feed the material to the mould box, the problem in distributing materials for producing  bricks is completely solved using the latest technology.
Original creation of converter vibration is adopted. With the converter, the exciting force and vibrating frequency can be achieved through conversion speed;
Colorful material mechanism is equipped, for the secondary material distributing to produce the colorful bricks;
Multi-purpose machine. Only by changing its moulds, it can produce all kinds of hollow blocks, porous blocks, paver blocks, grass-planting tiles, slope-protecting blocks etc.;..

Computer, electric appliances, sealing parts, hydraulic elements for this machine are imported, they can ensure its function reliable and steady.

For more visit our website http://www.beysanmak.com

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