Concrete Batching – Mixing Plants

BEYSANMAK – VESS CONCRETE MIXING PLANTS                 08 September 2015


Beysanmak – VESS  Concrete Mixing Plants, are with high volume productivity, flexibility,  mixer systems can match your requirements exactly. Beysanmak is manufacturing concrete mixing plants  from the ground up to meet our customers request for the concrete mixing plants with fresh concrete for the Asian and African Market.

Beysanmak – VESS concrete mixing plants are suitable for construction sites where fresh concrete is required. New Age concrete mixing plants allows you for high output rates and are usually more cost effective, transportation is provided by transmixers.

Twin-shaft or Planetray mixers are perfectly suitable for high capacity ready mix for concrete mixing plants, especially for mixer sizes compacted fresh concrete. Thanks to its mixing intensity mixing times are quite sufficient for a homogeneous concrete needed for the new age buildings, constructions.

Our company is one of the leaders in the construction of concrete mixing plants inTrabzon –  Turkey. Mixing plants are available in various sizes for a diversity of applications. The modular design of the concrete mixing plants ensures an easy transport and short assembly times. The concrete mixing plants are designed as stationary and mobile systems to provide the construction sector in the developing countries

Producing of concrete mixing plants are done with advanced, internationally recognized techniques and facilities.  Mixing Plants are highly advanced and durable concrete mixing plants systems for the building industry especially for the Asian and African Continent. We as Beysanmak manufacturing and exporting concrete mixing plants to South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Gabon etc. We also producing concrete block-brick machines for the building industry. For more about the concrete mixing plants visit our web site where you will find all of our machinery

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