Concrete Batching – Mixing Plant

BEYSANMAK – VESS CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT                     04 September 2015

Our company Beysanmak – VESS concrete batching plants, also known as concrete mixing plants is a plant that combines various ingredients to form concrete. There are two types of the concrete batching plants – ready mix plants and central mix plants. Batching plants exists from /  mixers, cement batchers, aggregate batchers, conveyors,  stackers, heaters, cement silos, concrete batching plant automation using high quality equipments.

By  the center of concrete batching plant we see the mixer. There are three types of mixers: Planetary, Pan and Twin Shaft mixer. The twin shaft mixer can ensure an even mixture of concrete and large output. Concrete batching plants  produces various kinds of concrete, suitable for large or medium scale buildingworks especially in Asia and Africa.

The availability of the mobile concrete batching plant is very important today. The operator can produce exactly what he wants, where he wants and in the quantity he wants through the eye as on- board computer of the plant.

Concrete Batching Plant employ computer aided control to assist in fast, accurete measurement of input  ingredients as well as the together the various parts and accessoires for coordinated and safe operatio for the Asian and African Markets.

Beysanmak manufactures concrete batching  plant under the name VESS, our vertical concrete batching plant are powerfull in the most restricted requirements.Our company Beysanmak is one of the leading companys in the manufacturing of concrete batching plant in Trabzon -Turkey. Batching plant of Beysanmak can be assambled and disassambled within a short time. The concrete batching plants we produce are 30 m3/hour, 45m3/hour, 60 m3/hour, 100 m3/hour and 120 m3/hour capacity. VESS use for their concrete batching  plant reliable humidity measurement systems. VESS is concrete batching plant mixing and batching specialist. For more information about concrete batching plant of Beysanmak visit our web site where you also can find our concrete block-brick and curbstone machinery for the small investor in the developing countries.

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