Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine (s)                                                20.08.2015

Beysanmak manufacturing production line is a semi or full automatic system brick making machine line with a production capacity of 18.000 blocks from 6cm to 38cm height, allowing the manufacturing of a wide range of products for buildings industry, also manufacturing concrete  paving blocks on the brick making machine by only changing the mould.

For such performances the vibration by the brick making machine becomes one of the essential points of the brick making machines and  equipment. The brick making machine to the world standards the vibration system is not only an must but a standard for all our high performance vibropresses by brick making machines, concrete batching plants for the South African market.

Strong structure and materials allow the use of very high  hydraulic unit that comes standard with speed control modules allows the brick making machine movements with therefore ensuring a longer durability and low maintenance of the brick making machine and equipment.

Our company Beysanmak brick making machines are robust and designed for the developing world, making our equipment ideal for Asian and African continent especially for South Africa and the Middle East market.

Beysanmak is also supply a wide range of brick making machines and material handling equipment like pan mixers, twinshaft mixers, stationery batching plants, aggregate conveyors, silos, conveyor solutions, bunkers and silos.

Beysanmak brick making machines equipment is ideal for the customers in various sectors, including brick making machine,concrete plants, concrete brick making machine and paving for manufacturers in South Africa.

Beysanmak is one of the Leading brick making machine2 1 4 2 8 4DrFvk1 2 32 8 1 - Kopya 4 mm suppliers in Turkey for the African continent, providing the building materials and concrete production sector with robust bricks-blocks machine with suitable prices and efficient brick making  machines and stationary concrete batching plants. For more information visit our Beysanmak website


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