Interlocking block machine African Continent

Interlocking blocks cost effective  solution for the African Continent

Interlocking cement blocks allow for the quick and cost efficient construction of housing units and other buildings. Turkey based Beysanmak Interlocking Blockmaking Machines are currently being used by the construction companys all over the world especially in the African Continent.

Beysanmak specialises in dry stacked interlocking construction utilising Beysanmak blocks. This sets them apart from any other construction company in the African Continent. Beysanmak has an  engineering team that can offer simple advice on projects or develop full technical drawings for developments for planning and construction.

Haydar Boyla, sales manager at Beysanmak, says that using interlocking blocks have various  benefits, especially for companies operating on the African continent.

One of the advantages of interlocking blocks is that they can be dry-stacked with no mortar. This  increases the speed and quality of the construction, he says.

This building system has been extensively tested for structural strength and durability, as well as for fire, rain and sound resistance.

Beysanmak’s  blockmaking machines only use three inputs, namely sand ,  cement , and water.  They are also an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional vibration machines. Beysanmak machines are available in electrical options. Depending on the model, the machines have the capacity to produce between 3,500 and 21,000 blocks per eight-hour shift.

The machines are relatively labour intensive, requiring about three – to seven employes. Boyla says that for most  governments this is an advantage because it creates employment opportunies.

Beysanmak also provides  training on using its machines . We offer training programmes both here in Turkey and on-site across the continent. Our technicians would give workers training on operating the machines as well as maintenance. The machines are relatively easy to use and people normally learn quite quickly. For more about interlocking block machine visit our website

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