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Zambia: Masaiti District Hospital Almost Ready


THE second phase of the construction of Masaiti District hospital on the Copperbelt at a cost of more than K22 million, has been completed.

Provincial medical officer Consity Mwale said in an interview that the people in Masaiti would soon have a district hospital that would enable them access quality health care services.

The works which were carried out under phase two of the project, included the building of wards, maternity wing and the administration block.

Dr Mwale said construction under the third and last phase had also started and the project, which started in 2010, would be completed next year.

“We have done the wards and the maternity wing, but we are remaining with the administration block and a few things like fencing and electrifying the institution,” he said.

Dr Mwale said funds for the final phase had already been released and the contractor, Meltcast Engineering Limited was already on site.The project is important for people in the area as they would be assured of accessing quality cost effective health care services which would be as close to the family as possible.

Apart from the district hospital being constructed, there are also construction works of health posts in Masaiti which are part of the 650 health posts that the Government is building across the country.

“As you know Government is constructing 650 health posts countrywide.

Masaiti District has not been left out because nine health posts are being constructed,” he said.

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