Work on 3 projects launched in Laghman Afghanistan

MEHTARLAM (PAN): The foundation stone of three projects, including a library, was laid and a fourth completed in eastern Laghman province on Wednesday, an official said.

Work on a 610 meters protective wall was completed in the Kandy village of Alingar district, a United Nation Development Program (UNDP) official told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Waliullah Hamdard said the UNDP-funded project was executed at a cost of $141,000 and took six months to complete. He added the wall would prevent 50 families and 50 acres of agricultural land from flood risk.

Hamdard said work on a similar wall, with a 190 metres length, was launched in Kota Khail village of the district. The project will cost $58,000.

Elsewhere in the province, the foundation stone of a library was laid in the Kandy village, Hamdard said, adding the project would cost $137,000 and take 10 months to complete.

Mangal promises new projects in Kajaki soon Afghanistan

LASHKARGAH (PAN): The Helmand governor on Monday promised development projects would be launched soon in Kajaki district of the southern province.

Mohammad Gulab Mangal said his office was paying more attention to northern parts of the province in terms of security and reconstruction.

Addressed tribal elders, religious scholars and residents during a visit to the district, he identified improved power supply and construction of schools, roads and health facilities as his top priorities.

The governor also called on residents to convey his message of peace to those involved in the insurgency and help the government expel foreign insurgents from their areas.

Resident Haji Sirajuddin asked the governor to focus on rebuilding the schools and health clinics destroyed by insurgents.

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