Tanzania – Power contract with US firms signed in Dar es Salaam


POWER transmission and distribution to rural areas of the country is expected to increase in the next three years after the government signed a contract worth 97bn/- with two USA companies.  ”We hope that the signing of these two contracts that were won by American companies will help Tanzanians leap frog into the 21st Century as well as help chip away the barriers that limit greater distribution of power,” the US Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Alfonso Lenhardt said.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Dar es Salaam on Monday, Mr Lenhardt who witnessed the event said that the contracts would help in increasing the number of people getting power to at least 18 per cent from the current 15 per cent.  Mr Lenhardt said that the US firms would ensure that from the power transmission and distribution projects under the Millennium Challenge Compact, Tanzanians get better health, education and better lives.  ”This is indeed a thrill to see two US companies coming up on top after fierce competition for the contracts. I would like to urge Pike Electric and Symbion Power to get the work done on time and it should be done professionally though I have no doubt it shall be,” he said.

he Tanzania Millennium Challenge Account Chief Executive Officer, Mr Bernard Mchomvu explained that the contract awards represent the achievement of yet another important milestone in the ongoing implementation of the 206m US dollars MCC Energy Project.

Mr Mchomvu pointed out that Symbion Power had been given two lots worth 47.7m US dollars covering Mwanza, Morogoro, and Iringa and Mbeya regions while Pike Electric will execute a package covering the regions of Dodoma and Tanga amounting to 17.9m US dollars.  ”We are very confident that the great historical performance record you are carrying will be positively demonstrated at the delivery end and we hate to see anything otherwise,” he cautioned

The Symbion Power Chief Executive Officer, Mr Paul Hicks said after the signing that over 2000 jobs would be established from the distribution and transmission of power to the regions and that a lot more would be trained along the way. ”We are setting up a training centre in Morogoro and hope that once our three years are up, we will leave numerous Tanzanians with the skills as well as companies that will not necessitate foreign assistance,” Mr Hicks said.

The Pike Electric Chief Executive Officer, Mr Eric Pike explained that his company had been in the power distribution industry since 1945 but it had never worked outside the US and that this was a challenge they were looking forward to especially since the country was on its way towards achieving its goals.

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