Sri Lanka has signed a deal with a Chinese company to build a $1.4 billion city by filling the Sea, Chinese President Xi Jinping will commission the construction work of Sri Lanka’s world Class city on sea of Galleface, the Colombo Port City September 17 2014.The state-run Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) will reclaim 233 hectares next to the new Colombo South port.

China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) will invest to build a “Port City” that will change Geographical map of Sri Lanka.

Image courtesy of SL govt info.

Headquarters for shipping and logistics institutions and related enterprises, luxury hotels and apartment complexes, shopping malls, space for modern offices, leisure and recreational activities will also be developed and constructed.

NSBM Green University Town project began construction work at an investment of Rs. 10.2 billion. The construction of complex has justed started off. The project is to see its completion in less than two years beginning its academic activities in the year 2016. A major contractor will be an integral part of this project.

Continuous growth in tourist sector creates a need to desing hotel and leasure sector buildings to international standards. Architectural community in Sri Lanka has big challange ahead to introduce high quality finishes while facing the  constand presure from investors to keep the cost of contruction down.  Introducing new materials and better aesthetics will create demand for creative products and suppliers.

This changing face will push the cost of construction cost in the tourist sector. However, it is important to recognise these changes if the country needs to provide a world class experience to trourist open the door for repeat visits.

Construction Made Easy

The concrete industry continues innovation and modern methods of construction by comming-up with concrete solutions which can be used to reduce construction time and promote sustainable development, as well as offering cost savings.

Precast Flat Panel System

Floor and wall caldding systems are produced off-site in a factory and erected on-site to form robust structures. Windows, doors, other sercvices and finishes can be included wthing these system. Building envelope panels with factory fitted insulation and decorative cladding can also be used as load-bearing elements. This offers factory quality and accuracy, together with speed of erection on-site are some of the great acheivements.

The Colombo South Port expansion project comes with three terminals with an increased capacity of 2.4 million TEUs per annum, a big jump of 160% capacity upon completion. The first terminal, a join venture between the Sri Lankan Aitken Spence Group and China Merchant Holdings Ltd, is expected to be ready for operation in 2013.

Increased Port and Aviation projects in Sri Lanka creates a huge demand on countries other services inlcuding administration other supply chain. Increased demand in Engineering and service sector will create a demand for more qualifed professional with relevant experience.

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