Africa’s cement and concrete suppliers meet continent’s growing demand with ease


The population on the African continent is continually growing at a rapid pace, setting a high demand on economies and infrastructure to support the surge in population.


As a result, the African built environment and its construction industry, and more specifically cement and concrete suppliers, which are the players at the forefront of the production chain are in a state of constant expansion. The growth of these industries are vital to produce the high volumes cement and concrete to meet growing demand.

A previous winner of the Women in Construction Excellence award in 2013, Busi Legodi, CEO of CIMERWA Ltd views the accelerating pace of population growth and subsequently, in relation, the pace of construction in Sub-Sahara and East Africa countries positively. She considers it to be a key platform for regional integrated development. Legodi says, “Construction is a key economic driver and it’s growing beyond most country GDP levels. This is also considered to be an important business driver for cement producers such as, CIMERWA Ltd.”

Now in its third year, the Women in Constructions Awards celebrates gender transformation and the active role of women are playing in the built environment industry and construction industry respectively. Finalists of the various awards categories will be announced on Tuesday, 28 April 2015. Winners will be revealed at the Women in Construction Awards Glamour Cocktail Evening, which will take place on the 13 May 2015.

Judges include various renowned industry professionals such as, Herbert Uzoegbo, a Professor at the University of Witswatersrand, and a representative of the main sponsor of the expo, Hanlie Turner from Technical Information Services of PPC Cement. The awards ceremony takes place on the second day of the annual African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo, taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre, from Tuesday, 12 May to Thursday, 14 May 2015.



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