BLOCK MACHINE-2                                            04 May 2015
Our company Beysanmak  is Turkey’s one of the leading manufacturers of concrete block machine. Block machine is used in the production of a variety of concrete blocks and bricks, primarily within the construction and building industry in South Africa.

Our block machine can be manually, automatic operated and come with varying specifications and output capabilities, depending on size of the blocks. Entry level block machine is manufactured and designed to be used by unskilled labourers. Block machine is available as semi-automated and fully automated with the options of automated product handling or manual concrete block machine product handling for South Africa.

Large capacity block machine produce between 3.500 – 20.000 bricks in a eight hour production shift, making these one of the the large brick, block and paver making block machine in South Afrcian continent.

Medium capacity brick and block machine and

small capacity block machine produce between 1.000 to 4.000 bricks in a eight hour production shift for the start up hollow type block, brick and paver making operation for South African Market.
Construction companies generally use bricks and blocks in their daily activities and can therefore cut back on a large portion of costs by buying our block machine and producing their own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier in Soth Africa.

Block machine producing plants can benefit from expert advice and consultation when purchasing new block machine from our company Beysanmak-VESS. Plant layout and efficiency analysis might indicate how small changes can make a big difference for the block machine.

Constructors and small business contractors making use of our block machine which can help the small investors produce their own blocks bricks in South African Market using our block machine. For more information about our block machine visit our website

1 8 7 0-KAPAK RESMİ 4 mm conveyor 19 8 9



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