Kenya – Invites bids for new port construction


Kenya on Monday invited bids for the first phase of construction of a new port along its coast in Lamu, involving the building of three berths.


The port is part of a proposed $22 billion development plan meant to connect Kenya to Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. The project will also include a pipeline, roads, a railway, and airports in major towns along the way.

“As first phase of this project, the Government plans to construct the first three berths with associated infrastructure at Manda Bay, Lamu,” the Ministry of Transport said in a newspaper advertisement.

The ministry said the berths would be expected to handle container ships with capacities of 100,000 deadweight tonnes (dwt), general cargo ships with 30,000 dwt and bulk cargo ships of 100,000 dwt.

The other amenities to be built along with the berths include access roads, railway sidings, warehouses and buildings, the ministry said.

Kenya has been improving and expanding its infrastructure with the aim of attracting and retaining investors who often complain its dilapidated facilities increase the cost of doing business.

Southern Sudan, which is due to hold a referendum in 2011 on whether it wants to separate from the north, hopes to export some of its oil.

Kenya hopes its neighbour will use its facilities for the exports.




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