Paving  machine                                 04.04.2015


 Beysanmak is manufacturing and  exporting of paving machine, manual and semi automatic operated paving machine or fully automatic stationary paving machine for the Nigerian buildings industry market.

 Beysanmak exporting company offers customers paving machine which is  used by paving blocks in footpath, car parking and roads. Paving machine is designed with precision,  our paving machine provides long service life and require low maintenance.  We offer various types of paving machine to Nigeria.

Beysanmak offers premium grade high density operated paving machine, which is manufactured with using new quality harder steel. The paving   machine is in conformation with international standards. This high density paving  machine is offered by our company to the African industry with suitable prices especially for Nigeria.

 High density paving machine specially designed for the paving blocks which are used in foot path, car parking and other open places. The paving machine process is very easily on large working concrete plants. On the same time of production you can carry the blocks from one place to another place..

 Paving machine manufactured by Beysanmak demand in the domestic as well as overseas markets especially in the Nigerian markets.

Fully automatic paving machine is a hydraulic machine which has the same production capabilities as the other machines, but produces a stronger block, due to the greater pound pressure applied by the new hydraulic system used by our technical team.

Paving machine is designed for the manufacturer with limited space, limited budget and the produce good quality, high volume of the paving blocks for the Nigerian market.

Beysanmak offers various types of  paving machine on the market that are much larger and triple the price, with a daily production that is similar or less than this paving machine. More about paving block machine please visit our website

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