We can all be winners                                                31.03.2015

“You do not strengthen your weakness by weakening your strength”, I once heard the cricket player Darryl Cullinan say. Marginalising one part of our population won’t place lasting wealth in the hands of others. We will never prosper unless the potential of all South Africans is unleashed and optimised.

South Africa will never experience sustainable prosperity if any of its people are structurally marginalised. Race-driven policies will remain a stain on this nation’s conscience, which inevitably will inhibit creativity, suppress productivity and prohibit overall economic growth.

We cannot ignore the past, but we will have to be much more innovative if we want to redress it. We will have to come up with a completely new model, not only use the flip side of that old coin as our point of departure – that completely unrealistic, obsolete and unrighteous old model.

Hard work and integrity is the only way to wealth. There’s no other way. Riches, in respect of those who desire it, can be obtained through other means with apparent good short-term results, but that is never sustainable.

After 20 years of democracy, South Africa is a much better place in many areas. There is so much counting in our favour. But we also find ourselves in huge danger. Right in front of our eyes we see, in a number of areas, how our country is failing. Our race-based policies play a huge part in these self-created challenges.

Tightening the screws in order to manufacture a particular result, to quicken the pace of race transformation, won’t solve any of these problems; instead, it will speed up the decline.

All is not lost yet, but bringing about real change, stimulating the economy, creating real jobs, bringing the poor and disenfranchised into the mainstream economy will require a new ideology, an inclusive approach and, above all, very strong leadership.

It’s up to us.


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