Concrete block machine                                         09.03.2015

When you need durable, robust, quality, these are just  few  reasons to order a Beysanmak concrete block machine that produces bricks,concrete paving blocks chimney blocks and curbstones. The concrete block machine we manufacture produces various types of products to built  most spectacular buildings all over the world.

Quality is the keyword of Beysanmak concrete block machinery. Our  qualified staff follows  quality guidelines during the design, manufacture and assembly of concrete block  machine and  handling equipment. This attention to detail translates into the  quality  concrete block machine in the building industry.


We know the importance of keeping your concrete block machine  running our parts and technical support team is available, 7 days a week to do just that. Our team will come to your country to assamble your concrete block machine  and support you and your concrete block machine to produce quality products. Installation of your concrete block machine  is provided freely trough our company. During the installation we are giving a training course for your personnel for use and maintanence of the machine and a certificate is given by our company.


Manufacturing of concrete block machine

Our company Beysanmak operates manufacturing concrete block machine facilities in Trabzon – Turkey.  With our primary products in concrete products industry, our concrete block machine assembling to manufacturing concrete block machine, quality concrete block machine for companies that can benefit from these capabilities especially in Asia and African continent.

Beysanmak is manufacturer and exporter globally of concrete block machine designed to produce  concrete blocks, paver bricks and curbstones etc. Our concrete block machine is the best concrete block machine for African and Asian continents to invest, for the small block manufacturer in developing countries with limited financial resources like Asia and Africa, who need to produce concrete blocks.





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