Concrete block making machine                                                     28.02.2015
Using of different types of raw materials such as steel and iron in the manufacture of our products, allow us to produce solid and perfect concrete block making machine. The quality of our concrete block making machine and brick making machine is ensured by implementing to the industry recommended quality standards of our company. The quality team further tests our concrete block making machine,  brick making machine and ensures that our clients get good products. In addition, we have a comprehensive manufacturing concrete block making machine plant which incorporates various hightechnology machines to produce quality concrete block making machine and brick machine and concrete mixer. We also provide after sales support to our clients, for the proper functioning of our products. We are producing to our clients needs. Our product range of concrete block making machine includes , manual-semi automatic-fully automatic block-bricks egg laying machines and concrete batching plants.

 concrete block making machine

There are 3 types of concrete block making machine, manual, semi and fully automatic type hydraulic concrete block making machine  and solid block making machine. This machine is easy to operate and make good production of concrete hollow block and solid block can be made with concrete block making machine. Many type of block measurement moulds can be designed based on customer’s requirement. This is a good concrete block making machine for start up projects  with low budget.


Hydraulic operated  concrete block making machine.

The concrete block making machine with automatic moving system with twin vibrator to mould to produce various solid hollow concrete blocks. This is simple sturdy and portable concrete block making machine. Various type concrete blocks like asmolene, straphored, embossed, curbstone etc. or any other type of block as per client design can be manufactured on concrete block making machine. To see more details about our machinery please visit our web site





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