HOW THE CONCRETE BRICKS ARE MADE            20.01.2015

 Manufacturing  concrete bricks with brick maker machine, consists   basic processes: mixing, molding, curing,  Some manufacturing plants produce  concrete bricks, other brick maker machine may produce  wide variety  concrete products including bricks,  paver stones, curbstones.


  The sand, the gravel are stored outside in piles and  transferred into storage bins in  plant by  conveyor belt as they are needed.  Cement is stored outside in large vertical silos of brick maker machine to protect  from moisture.

Production  brick maker machine run starts,  required amounts  sand, gravel, and cement  transferred by the gravity  by the mechanical means to  weigh batcher which measures  proper amounts of each material.

The dry materials for brick to the brick maker machine flow into mixer where they are blended together for several minutes. There are two types  mixers  used by brick maker machine, Pan mixing blades attached  vertical rotating shaft inside mixer.  Horizontal drum mixer of brick maker machine has mixing blades attached  horizontal rotating the shaft inside  mixer. After  that the materials are blended, small amount  water is added to  the mixer.


           Once load  concrete brick maker machine is mixed, dumped into bucket conveyor and transported to  elevated hopper. Mixing cycle  brick maker machine  begins  for  next load.  From the hopper of  brick maker machine concrete  conveyed to another hopper  block machine at  measured flow rate. In the brick maker machine, concrete  forced downward into molds.

When  molds are full of brick maker machine  concrete is compacted by the weight of brick maker machine upper mold head coming down on mold cavities of brick maker machine. This compaction of brick maker machine may supplemented by air or hydraulic pressure cylinders acting on mold head. Compacted bricks are pushed down and out of brick maker machine molds onto  steel pallet.

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