Stonemaker machine

We BEYSANMAK as manufacturer of  Stonemaker machine are dedicated to bringing you the most productive, low cost concrete manufacturing systems available. And at the core of our belief is that manufacturing high quality concrete products can be done anywhere in the world without huge investments in factories or inventory.


Flexibility is the key for stonemaker machine systems, with only changing the mould you can switch to produce paver blocks, concrete hollow blocks or brickets on a single platform and all with ones that allow you to manufacture with ease of operation. With Stonemaker machine the commitment doesn’t end there, we also provide you with a full range of moulds and spare parts that will meet virtually any job requirement.


Manual, semi automatic and fully automatic production systems, the accessories needed to complete virtually any project and a dedicated service team to back it all up, Stonemaker machine is the only source for concrete systems that gives you the ability to manufacture the products you need, where you need them. Our stonemaker machine systems are easy to use and designed for years of low maintenance production. Stonemaker machine uses local materials to make low costs concrete products fast and accurate.

Stonemaker machine production line manufacturing of blocks, bricks, pavers, interlock, hollow blocks and more..Stonemaker machine with it’s multiple capabilities and production line flexibility it is easily and most cost effective manufacturing system for concrete products on the market.





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