If you need a concrete block machine that ensures an excellent manufacturing of concrete blocks on a various scale, then an egg laying machine is the one you need. Egg laying block machines can afford a significant production, they strip directly on the concrete floor and no need to stocking structure for blocks curing. The point of strength is productivity and efficiency. If concrete blocks are your core business prefer an egg-laying machine.

The egg laying machine facilitates the production process on the concrete floor. The components used in the egg-laying machine are quality driven and offers smooth performance and these machines are widely appreciated for their corrosion resistance and high performance standards.

The egg laying machine requires minimum maintenance and is movable if required. The egg laying machines are tested on quality parameters and are in accordance with the international industrial standards.

Production capacity of the egg-laying machine is, 3000 pcs. brickets daily.

To the demends of construction industry we manufacture high quality egg laying concrete block machine and our company BEYSANMAK is exporting egg laying machines world wide, for example to Russia, middle East and different African countries.

Beysanmak is worldwide partner for the building materials industry.


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